As a form of social care, HMIJ held a social event in Bantar Gebang several time ago. Social Event is a form of attention of a group or someone by channeling a form of concern for other groups or individuals. Therefore, HMIJ invited the Himagians to be a volunteer for this event. After going through the selection stage, fifteen Himagians were selected who could participate directly in this activity. From the fifteen volunteers, they were divided into three groups, each of which would do a different assignment each week. The task of volunteers is to teach children there to learn English. This social activity took place on the 10th, 17th, and 24th March 2019 in The Kingdom of BGBJ, Bantar Gebang which carried the theme "Give, Gain, and Grow".


In the first week, we went to BGBJ with our lecturer Mrs. Yeni. Our mission was to teach vocabularies about various types of professions for children there. Because from the information that we get, children in BGBJ only know about three professions, there are doctors, teachers and garbage foremen. There, we also met with some foreigners. There are Hiroki and friends from Japan, Kevin and Helen. Some of us discussed with Helen and she was very pleasant. She said that she really like with Indonesia especially with the people. The first week went pretty well and was fun.


 In the second week, we went there with our lecturer Mr. Elsan. Our mission still same with the first week but, we explain more detail about the Professions. Like how a firefighter works, how doctors work, and so on. But that didn’t happen because we help them to prepare for their show at the BGBJ children's birthday. We taught them to play drama, read poetry and others. There are some foreigners who help too.


The second week felt longer but still pleasant. Finally, we are in the third week, the last week of our social project. This week, the volunteers from first and second week can join again so, we did a lot of activities with the children. Start from coloring, presentation about what their dreams are, playing music and eating together. We met with the another foreigner too. The third week was no less fun than the other week. At the end of event, we give them memories of dragon fruit plants and also some used books that are still suitable for use. We have had many new experiences because of this event and it was a moment that we will never forget.


Isi buku tamu

STBA JIA berusaha mencetak sarjana sastra yang memiliki keahlian dan keterampilan dalam bidang komunikasi. Salah satu cara untuk dapat berkomunikasi secara efektif dan efisien dalam pergaulan Internasional yaitu dengan menguasai bahasa asing, memahami budaya asing, memahami karakteristik industri negara asing dan keahlian kewilayahan negara.

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